Water Proofing
It is essential that homeowners keep their basement leak free, to ensure that it remains dry and mould-free. Water leakage can undermine foundation structure and will create long cracks on outside walls. The longer water problems are put off, the worse they get and the more it will cost you to fix them.

Foundations can begin to leak for a variety of reasons:

  • A congested weeping tile system (where the flow is blocked by debris)
  • Cracks within the foundation
  • Separation of concrete blocks
  • Gaps where the foundation meets the footing

Each waterproofing job includes:

  • Contacting of all utilities prior to any digging
  • Washing off wall surface to ensure proper parging bond to the concrete foundation
  • Compaction of cracks and voids in the foundation using hydraulic cement
  • Layering of entire wall surface with concrete parging
  • Environmentally friendly polymer base coating (which is 4 times more expensive then Asphalt base coating) applied to the foundation wall, covering over the footing
  • Installation of Delta-MS membrane system all the way down to the footing level
  • Installation of new weeping tile connected to the drainage points which could include a new sump pump pit
  • Covering new weeping tile with one foot clear gravel
  • Back-filling the excavation and compacting of soil to prevent future settlement
  • Removal of all debris from the work site
  • Re-installation of surface material
  • A waterproofing job that exceeds construction code standards
  • A 20 years transferable written warranty

Our waterproofing service may also includes any or all of the following:

  • Sump pump installation
  • Window well installation and repair
  • Window well drains
  • Permanent solution for high water table problems
  • Foundation repair

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