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Many older homes have small basements with low ceiling heights, making them unusable as a living space within the home. However modern construction can help alleviate this problem through the process of underpinning.

Underpinning is a method of adding to your home’s existing foundation structure. The end result is a basement with more headroom, thus allowing the space to be used as a new living area within your home.

While the process of underpinning is specific to each project we work on, the general process includes the following steps:

  • Determine the optimal height of the finished basement as required by the client
  • Begin removal of soil into disposal bins
  • Add temporary support to the home using vertical jack supports and horizontal beams
  • Removal of the existing basement floor
  • Removal of existing under-floor plumbing lines
  • Digging of underpinning pockets, as per engineering plans
  • Re-installation of plumbing lines, including sump pumps, back flow valves, and sewers
  • Installation of waterproofing system
  • Spreading of 4 inch thick clear gravel bed throughout basement floor in preparation for concrete slab
  • Pouring of new 4 inch thick concrete flooring

Though many Drain and Landscaping companies offer underpinning services it is highly recommended to hire an experienced Underpinning company. For your peace of mind and the structural security of your home, we provide our customers with at least 4 written references prior to signing the contract.

24/7 Pros can help you obtain the necessary building permits and architectural/engineering drawings that are required prior to the start of any construction project. For more information please contact us.

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